Jyn Star Wars

Women Rebels and Ruiners

  Is This The End of Action Movies As We Know It? I hope so. A better question would be, why does having a female lead in another Star Wars movie have to be a big deal? It shouldn’t be.  Women make up half the population, and according to the Motion Pictures Association of America, women […]

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The Women’s March this past Saturday was amazing to see, and though I couldn’t participate in one of the protests, I was certainly there in spirit. For those of you who’ve read my blog before, you know I’m a feminist. I believe equality means EVERYONE is equal. I believe women should be treated as people, […]

Turtle Powered Objects

Heroes In A Half Shell – They’re On A Mission It’s true, I have a hardcore love of Stephen Amell. I could sit and watch that gif of him doing the Salmon Ladder all day long.  Here’s the thing, though, reducing Stephen Amell down into this one image of him working out completely negates everything […]

Are You Man Enough For A Female Superhero?

Television vs Hollywood Television has long since been more progressive when it comes to female character driven storylines.  Just take a look at Bones or Castle, two of my favorite series, both featuring very strong, female leads. And in the last year alone we’ve gotten Agent Carter, Supergirl, and Jessica Jones, to name only a few. Even shows like Arrow, Flash, and the latest DC’s Legends […]

I’m Just Here For the “Feminist Drivel Filth”

Fair warning: here be spoilers and a wacky notion that equality means everyone is equal.  Woah. I wasn’t going to see Mad Max: Fury Road. It’s not really my kind of movie–at least, I figured it wouldn’t be.  And then I read this article on Huffington Post.  Evidently someone found this movie so threatening to […]

Mutant Wrangling

I’m a huge X-Men fan.  The X-Men were my “gateway” comic. I used to steal them from my brother so I could read them and draw pictures with them.  In fact, a lot of my artistic style comes from those early days drawing X-Men like Storm and Rogue.  It wasn’t just the art that I […]

Wrangling Up Some Heroines

Amazon just published an awesome interview with author Karen Marie Moning.  Here she tells readers her top ten fictional heroines, and they’re really great.  Female characters like Katniss and Ramona Quimby. Her list got me thinking about my favorite fictional heroines.  Women like Morgan le Fey in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon and Beatrice […]