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That’s me with The Costume Wrangler’s Closet at my FIRST con!


How It All Began . . .

I wish I could say I was bitten by a radioactive spider or injected with some crazy super-serum, but the truth is I’ve always been creative, and I’ve always been a geek. It’s only recently that I combined those gifts to form my very own creative super-powered business, The Costume Wrangler’s Closet.

In my little corner of the internet (and at the occasional pop culture convention), you’ll find handmade pieces inspired by the fandoms we both love. You’ll find geek chic accessories and quirky plushies I’ve designed to help you let your geek flag fly.  And, you’ll also discover custom fabrics, sewing patterns, and project kits meant to help you get your geek on while tapping into your very own creative super powers.

Wait. You make all this?

Yup. I make all sorts of things: bags, costumes, plushies, zipper pouches, headbands, and hair clips. I really enjoy making things, almost as much as I enjoy helping people find that perfect accessory. You know, the one that really speaks to them, helps them express who they are and what they love, and maybe even solves a little dilemma. The only thing I might enjoy more is helping folks get creative on their own. There’s just something magical about making.

I wish I could do that!

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You can experience that magic too, because you’ve got your own creative super powers, and I want to help you tap into them. That’s why I don’t just make geek chic accessories, I also make geeky creative project kits and fandom-inspired custom fabrics, all designed to help you level up your own creativity. You’ll find all sorts of useful info on this blog too, like tutorials, supply recommendations, and DIY round-ups.

Heck, Yeah!

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