The Captain America Corset Lives Again!

Check out the new and improved Captain America Corset

Captain America Corset and Tutu

Several weeks ago, while loading out at a convention, my original Captain America Corset was stolen out of my car.  I didn’t write about the incident at the time because I was so upset and angry there was no way I could put my thoughts and feelings into words.  Well, words that weren’t chocked full of very colorful metaphors, anyway.

Out With the Old and in With the New(ish)

Without the original Captain America Corset I was down a whole show piece for conventions. I felt very disheartened about the theft.  I had also displayed at that show the small amount of progress I’d made on the Pirate Wonder Woman costume design I’d introduced weeks before.  The thief made off with that too.  So, not only was I down a whole show piece, I was down the little bit of progress I’d made on the new show piece.

If you were wondering about the Pirate Wonder Woman design, this is why I haven’t made any progress on it.  I have to start over, and quite honestly, I was too disheartened and frustrated to work on the a show piece. I focused on building up my general stock (like zipper pouches and headbands) instead.  Don’t worry, though.  I’ll get back to this project.  Maybe sooner rather than later.  You’ll just have to wait and see.  I think I just needed to be angry for a little while and focus my energy elsewhere.

The thief made off with more than just my Captain America Corset and the tiny bit of progress I’d made on the Pirate Wonder Woman design.  They took the bag I’d stored all that display stuff in, along with the rest of the Captain America outfit, including the gathered skirt I displayed with the corset.

Captain America Corset Display

I can’t tell you how many people loved the Captain America “dress” and were surprised to discover it was a separate piece.  What’s even more surprising is that skirt wasn’t something I’d built with the intention of displaying it.  I built it to wear myself for Elite Comic’s first ever We’re Batman Day.  I needed something to display with the Captain America corset, and I realized the blue lining on the Batman skirt looked pretty good.  So, I flipped the skirt inside out, hiding the Batman fabric, pinned the snot out of it to make the skirt fit the dress form, and dressed the mannequin with the corset and skirt together.  That bit of red at the top? It’s a pillow case I tucked into the neckline of the corset, since it gapped a bit on the dress form.  The combination got such a positive response, I decided to keep it.  I hope the thief is enjoying the voluptuously sized Batman skirt and maroon pillow case along with that Captain America corset! I hope the thief is having fun with the unfinished Pirate Wonder Woman corset too, along with the costume design rendering I had printed especially to display with the work in progress.  Good job, thief.  Good job.

The Bright Side

On the bright side, being victimized like this gave me the opportunity to update my display with a new version of the Captain America costume, one that’s more deliberate than the original happenstance ensemble.  Building the new corset reminded me how much I enjoy making costume pieces too, and it was a nice break from churning out zipper pouches and headbands.

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  1. I’m disgusted someone would steal that! Glad you were able to find a bright side and the dress looks AMAZING!

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