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Make A Battle Plan To Survive the Holidays

Worried About the Holidays? What a silly question. Of course the holidays are rife with anxiety, the recent election not withstanding. Well, there’s not much I can do to help y’all survive the impending Trumpacalypse.  However, I can help you rally the troops to soldier on successfully through the holiday season. It’s true, the holidays […]

zombie unicorn

Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse!

When Good Unicorns Go Bad! (Like, past their expiration date bad . . . ) I’ve been having a lot of fun recently designing some new fabrics with cute, fat little unicorns.  You can find the collection on Spoonflower, or get a peek at them here on my blog.  If you’ve seen me at a […]

10 Halloween Door Decor Ideas That Will Haunt You

Decorate Your Door – Inside AND Out! I rounded up some great ideas to get you started on a Halloween costume, and some awesome tutorials for you to try your hand at indoor decorations too. This week I thought I’d get your imagination started on some indoor/outdoor friendly Halloween door decor ideas.  If you live […]

Halloween Pillow Decoration

8 Eerily Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Spooky and Simple Halloween Decorations If you’re at all like me, you’re already planning your Halloween costume! But what about your home? There are tons of decorating ideas out there, and I’ve gathered 8 super simple, DIY, Halloween decorations that anybody can make, especially on a budget. 1. DIY Halloween Hoop Art This is an excellent […]

10 Ideas for an Amazing Halloween Costume!

Need a costume, but don’t know where to start? There’s no excuse not to have an epic Halloween costume this year, especially if you plan ahead.  Unless you’re cool with doing something last minute like this, here are three guidelines for Operation Awesome (a.k.a. coming up with a costume this year). Research! Be prepared! Take […]

Is It Too Early For Halloween Stuff?

On The First Week of Halloween . . . The spookiest of holidays may be 11 weeks away, but I’m ready to start celebrating now.  The weather’s actually pleasant for the moment.  All the kiddos are back in school.  My mother’s teaching again at KUMed.  And, all the Halloween decorations are out at the local craft […]

Captain America Corset Display

The Captain America Corset Lives Again!

Check out the new and improved Captain America Corset Several weeks ago, while loading out at a convention, my original Captain America Corset was stolen out of my car.  I didn’t write about the incident at the time because I was so upset and angry there was no way I could put my thoughts and […]

Sherlock Unicorn

Geeky Unicorns Have Arrived!

What’s Cuter Than Fat Little Unicorns? How about fat little unicorns wearing fezzes and bow ties, floating in the clouds? What about fat little unicorns with Police Boxes and hearts? Or, perhaps fat little unicorns sporting their favorite wizarding school colors? It’s a veritable parade of plump, mythical creatures geeking out over Harry Potter and […]

Sharknado 4

Live Tweeting Sharknado 4!

Join Me on Twitter for Sharknado 4! Join me for some live tweeting fun on Sunday, July 31st at 7pm CST for the latest installment in the Sharknado movie madness. Be sure to use the Sharknado 4 official hashtag #Sharknado4 AND my hashtag #Shark4KS so you can participate too.  You can even tweet at me using […]

Will You Be Ready When Sharknado’s Fourth Awakens?!

That’s right, Sharknado fans.  The Fourth Awakens THIS WEEKEND! Just like last year, I’m attending an epic watch party on Sunday, and I’m inviting you all along for the fun. Finding Cheese-tastic Party Food I’ve been tasked with bringing a snack food of some kind to the watch party (everyone is), which means I’ve been […]