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New Embroidered Goodies Coming to The Costume Wrangler’s Closet!

Embroidered Kitty Ears, Daleks, and Wolverine . . . Oh My! I’ve been super busy in the Closet these past couple of weeks creating new embroidered accessories for you all.  And though I’ve only got the really awesome kitty ears listed on the new Hair Accessories page in the shop, I’ve got some really cool stuff I want to […]

Turtle Powered Objects

Heroes In A Half Shell – They’re On A Mission It’s true, I have a hardcore love of Stephen Amell. I could sit and watch that gif of him doing the Salmon Ladder all day long.  Here’s the thing, though, reducing Stephen Amell down into this one image of him working out completely negates everything […]

Doctor Police Box Bag

Are You Waiting For The Doctor?

10 Things Every Whovian Should Carry! Being whisked away by a madman in a blue box sounds like fun, but it’s not like the Doctor is going to give you time to pack. What should you be carrying so you’re ready to run for your life? 1. Sonic Screwdriver Having your own sonic screwdriver is […]

Five Awesome Everyday Cosplay Ideas You Must Try

Cosplay Doesn’t Have To Be Just For Conventions! Get your cosplay on everyday with these five spectacular ideas. 1. Captain America I’m totally #TeamCap. How about you? Since the movie’s coming out soon, why not show off your allegiance with some serious style? 2. Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes wishes he looked this good. Luckily, all […]

Jyn Star Wars

Women Rebels and Ruiners

  Is This The End of Action Movies As We Know It? I hope so. A better question would be, why does having a female lead in another Star Wars movie have to be a big deal? It shouldn’t be.  Women make up half the population, and according to the Motion Pictures Association of America, women […]

It’s a Mom’s World

Can’t Moms Be Geeks Too? I know it’s only the beginning of April, but Mother’s Day is not that far off. I was tooling around on Pinterest and getting frustrated at the lack of geek mom gifts out there, especially handmade or even DIY! Can’t moms be geeks too? Seriously! I found a few token […]

cosplay is not consent

Cosplay and Consent

Cosplay Does Not Give You a Free Pass Can you imagine this? You’ve just spent the last several months putting together your most awesome cosplay to date. You’ve thought of everything, every last detail, from the hair and makeup to the shoes and jewelry.  You are the walking embodiment of your favorite character, and you’re […]

Wonder Woman Pirate Costume Renderings

What if Wonder Woman was a Pirate?

My Wonder Woman Pirate Cosplay Idea With her impending movie debut, Wonder Woman cosplay is becoming increasingly popular. Personally, I admire and appreciate Linda Carter and the feminist icon that is Wonder Woman, but I’ve never been a big fan of the character. In fact, I didn’t really care for the Amazon warrior princess until the […]

Adventures at the Democratic Caucus

I know this is a bit off topic, but I wanted to share my experience at the Democratic Caucus this last Saturday, because, quite honestly, it was unreal. On Saturday, my mother, brother, sister-in-law, and I went to caucus for Bernie Sanders.  I didn’t know what to expect. Actually, that’s not true. In the back […]

Cosplay at VisionCon

Adventures in Costume Wrangling Continue! Last weekend VisionCon celebrated its 25th year of geeky goodness in Branson, MO.  Newly expanded, the con featured a variety of vendors, panels, celebrities, and especially cosplay.  That’s me in the photo above, hanging out with the Iron Brothers of Topeka, including their dad who cosplays as Stan Lee (he […]