Blue Wrangling

Wrangling a Feel Good Playlist!

I just ran across a nice little post on Upworthy that offers a great reminder to us all: There’s More to Life Than Being Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking!  Or, in the words of one of my favorite sites, You are Capable of MUCH MORE than Looking Hot. I’ve got some personal, feel-good anthems that […]

Wrangling with Paper Piecing!

I’ve never designed an actual pattern before, but here it is, my first pattern: The Police Box Paper Piecing Pattern!  I’m selling it for $0.99 on Craftsy, so check it out! Source: Police Box Paper Piecing Pattern via The Costume Wrangler on Craftsy   And be sure to share your excellent creations with me on […]

Wrangling at Planet Comicon 2014

  My first Planet Comicon and I got to meet Wil Wheaton! And if you’d like to know why I was so star struck, you should check out this video of Mr. Wheaton talking about bullying.  Anybody who can be such an articulate advocate against bullying is definitely one of my heroes.   I also […]

Wrangling Up Some Heroines

Amazon just published an awesome interview with author Karen Marie Moning.  Here she tells readers her top ten fictional heroines, and they’re really great.  Female characters like Katniss and Ramona Quimby. Her list got me thinking about my favorite fictional heroines.  Women like Morgan le Fey in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Mists of Avalon and Beatrice […]

Wrangling with What’s Important

Have you seen this ad?   She says she’s happy with her body, BUT . . . What would happen if we were just happy with our bodies?  Period.  No exceptions.  No modifiers.  Just happiness.  Satisfaction.  Perhaps even confidence in what we can do with our bodies besides putting them on display. If you’re like […]

Spring Green Collection

I know with all the snow on the ground it’s hard to imagine the world thawed out, so I thought I’d share a collection of Spring Green inspired items you can find right here, Handmade in Kansas City! Forget the snow and just click on the image below to see even more fabulously green things. […]

Wrangling the Wrangler

If you follow my adventures at all on Facebook, you might have seen my quick little post about the dress I’m  making for Planet Comicon.  If you didn’t, here’s the picture: I’m using my own fabric design: I’m super excited about this dress.  But then I realized I needed shoes.  So, I bought myself these: […]

Holiday Fabric that’s Cute AND Evil!

It’s early November and I’m having a little trouble getting onto the Holiday Season Band Wagon.  So, I thought I’d cheer myself up with a new fabric design created just for the Holidays.  It’s cute.  It’s Evil.  It has the TARDIS and those super creepy Snowmen.  I love it.  Perhaps I should do a design […]