zombie unicorn

Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse!

When Good Unicorns Go Bad! (Like, past their expiration date bad . . . ) I’ve been having a lot of fun recently designing some new fabrics with cute, fat little unicorns.  You can find the collection on Spoonflower, or get a peek at them here on my blog.  If you’ve seen me at a […]

Captain America Corset Display

The Captain America Corset Lives Again!

Check out the new and improved Captain America Corset Several weeks ago, while loading out at a convention, my original Captain America Corset was stolen out of my car.  I didn’t write about the incident at the time because I was so upset and angry there was no way I could put my thoughts and […]

Wonder Woman Pirate Costume Renderings

What if Wonder Woman was a Pirate?

My Wonder Woman Pirate Cosplay Idea With her impending movie debut, Wonder Woman cosplay is becoming increasingly popular. Personally, I admire and appreciate Linda Carter and the feminist icon that is Wonder Woman, but I’ve never been a big fan of the character. In fact, I didn’t really care for the Amazon warrior princess until the […]

Henry V: All Female Cast

At Nebraska Wesleyan University, we did two versions of Shakespeare’s history play, Henry V. One cast was “traditional” while the other was comprised of all women.  The show was set in the far off future, and it the effect offered an interesting perspective on a classic history play. Take a look at the production photos below.

Portfolio Wrangling

Check Out More of My Portfolio Are you interested in seeing more of my portfolio? I’ve set up examples of my design work at Behance.  You can check it out here: https://www.behance.net/COSTUMEWRA5237 I’ve included a variety of work in my Behance portfolio. You’ll find examples of my costume design renderings, fabric designs, and even a little […]

Wrangling With Fabric Design

I love playing with fabric.  So I thought I’d share a super quick tutorial on how you can design your own fabric using a cotton bandana and fabric markers. What You’ll Need 100% Cotton Bandana Why cotton, you ask?  Well, natural fibers are the easiest to work with when playing with fabric dyes and paints. […]


Here are production photos of Nebraska Wesleyan’s performance for The Tempest.  I designed and built costumes for this show, including the masks.  I also painted dyes onto the spirits’ costumes as well as the two Ariels (in this production, Ariel was two people). Check out some production photos on Flickr.


Here are production photographs from Nebraska Wesleyan University’s performance of Enron.  I designed and built costumes for this show, including the raptor heads and giant mouse heads.   Can’t see the slideshow? Try checking out the pictures on Flickr. And here are some process shots of making the Raptor and Mouse Heads.  I used bike helmets […]

Henry V: Traditional

At Nebraska Wesleyan University, we did two versions of Shakespeare’s Henry V. One show was cast traditionally, and done with more “traditional” medieval style costuming.  Take a look at the production photos below. Can’t see the slideshows? Try checking them out on Flickr: Female Henry V & Male Henry V

Sweeney Todd with a slight Steampunk Flaire

When I designed costumes for Sweeney Todd, the director wanted an industrial and Victorian feel.  I immediately thought of steampunk.  In hindsight, I wished I had pushed the steampunk design elements further with the show, made them bigger and bolder for our big stage.  But the details where loads of fun to create, and the […]