Building Mouse and Raptor Heads for Enron

Here are process shots of the Mouse and Raptor heads I designed, built, and wrangled for the production of Enron. This was a real trial and error sort of process. Though I didn’t end up using it on the Raptor heads, the Mouse heads ended up being my first foray into the material Fosshape, a […]

Learned Ladies

Here are production photos from Learned Ladies. I designed, built, and wrangled costumes for this delightfully decadent Moliere confection. The gowns in particular took about 80 hours each to build–a combined effort between myself, my part time costume technologist, and about a half dozen student workers. Can’t see the slideshow? Check out the pictures on […]

Charlotte’s Web

Yep, they’re cows . . . remarkable  cows.  And they were the inspiration for the rest of the fun, larger than life costumes I designed and wrangled for this 2012 production of Charlotte’s Web.  Even though there weren’t cows specifically mentioned in the script, the director for this show wanted to have a pre-show song […]

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Check out the amazing dreamcoat and other costumes I designed and wrangled together for this 2011 production.  I built the coat by modifying a commercial pattern (for a Georgian style “pirate” coat, believe it or not), lengthening the hem and getting rid of large cuffs on the sleeves.  I also left off the closures.  I […]