Everyday Cosplay Captain America Style

Captain Everyday Cosplay

Cap’s always been one of my favorites. And with Agent Carter coming out with a second season, I wanted to put together a female “Everyday Cosplay” version of Captain America, with some 1940s overtones. Everything I sourced for this look is linked to below, and everything comes in voluptuous sizes!

I started with a navy pencil skirt that should hit just below the knee. This style of skirt looks great on a girl with curves, but you could easily change the pencil skirt out for a A-line or circle skirt too.  The blouse was a lucky find from Lane Bryant and features black stars on a sheer white background. It does a beautiful job of referencing Cap’s iconic star and still looks stylish. Plus, the structure of the button-down style shirt is flattering and compliments the straight lines of the pencil skirt.  The dark red leather jacket is what makes this look. The leather, seaming, and structure reflect Cap’s own costume without screaming making the outfit look like a costume.  I found the jacket at Mod Cloth. It’s a great, versatile piece that would work for a lot of everyday cosplays (maybe there’s an Iron Man Everyday Cosplay in our future!?). The dark red and white retro T-strap heels are also from Mod Cloth.  I thought about pairing this outfit with flats (what I almost always prefer to wear), but when I found these 1940s style heels I knew they’d be perfect.  After hunting around for a hair accessory, I found this sparkly beaded headband in red. I liked how feminine the feathers and beads were in contrast to Cap, though, and I thought the red in the headband would tie in nicely with the red in the shoes. Star shaped earrings or even silver hoops would look great with this outfit, but I actually found Captain America Shield Logo Stud Earrings on Amazon. There’s even a matching necklace if you’re interested. The Captain America inspired Canteen Style Cross Body Bag makes the perfect finishing touch for this everyday cosplay outfit.  It’s spacious enough for all your crime-fighting paraphernalia. The sturdy denim is durable enough for the toughest battles. And you can customize the length of the strap because it’s adjustable.

Do you want to see an Everyday Cosplay for a certain superhero or pop culture character? Let me know on Facebook, contact me here on the blog, or leave a comment below!

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