Everyday Cosplay: Harley Quinn


Get In Touch With Your Inner Crazy Clown

Here’s another Everyday Cosplay idea for you, this time inspired by fan favorite Harley Quinn. I’ve scoured the intarwebz for some fun, full figured ideas, and I kept this interpretation of Harley on the conservative side, since the idea is for the outfit to be something of the “everyday” variety.  But, I pinned some other ideas to my new Pinterest board: Everyday Cosplay.  Be sure to check those out for more everyday cosplay inspiration. I’ll be adding more ideas to the board (for Harley Quinn and other characters), as I run across them.

Breaking It Down

  • The major eye-catcher in this ensemble has to be the red jacket with zipper trim and flyaway opening. I chose this piece because of it’s seam lines, it’s subtle asymmetry, and all those metal accents.
  • There were several t-shirt options out there, but I finally settled on the graphic tee that simply states, “Meh.” I liked the snarky attitude the shirt implies. Check out my new Pinterest board to see what other t-shirts I had been considering.
  • Those plaid skinny jeans add a nice texture and pattern that’s low key while still being playful.
  • I fell in love with these skull and crossbones flats immediately, and there’s even a heeled version if you’re so inclined.
  • The Harley Quinn hair bow was one of several hair accessories I thought about using, but I liked how the red and black pattern ties in with the other accessories.
  • The Harley Quinn choker ribbon necklace is a fun way of referencing the character’s neckwear without going all-out clown bib.
  • The red leather wrist cuff sports interchangeable snap-on charms. I liked the weirdness of the eyeballs, but with this kind of accessory you can find just about any image and color you’re looking for.
  • Where else are you going to store Mr. J’s pudding,  but in your very own, handmade, Harley Quinn Inspired Cosplay Cross Body Bag? This expertly crafted bag is a fun everyday accessory as well as something you could take with you to conventions.

Are you a Harley Quinn fan? Or are you more into her best friend, Poison Ivy? Let me know in the comments or on my FB page! And if you’ve got ideas for more Everyday Cosplay characters you’d like to see, let me know!

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