Everyday Cosplay: Winter Soldier



I scoured the internet to put together a cold weather look inspired by one of my favorite characters, the Winter Soldier.



Faux Leather Military Jacket from Torrid: I picked this jacket because the horizontal detailing on the front mirrors what’s going on with the Winter Soldier’s jacket, and the collars are similar in shape as well.





Tripp Belted Faux Leather Corset: This piece is really fun. I picked it because of the way all the striping accentuates curves while still referencing all the horizontal detailing on the Winter Soldier’s jacket.  It’s a faux corset, so the top should be fitted, comfortable, and easy to move in.




CurveSeamedJeansCurvy Seamed Jeans: I was originally looking for cargo pants, but who wants bulky pockets making their hips wider than usual? (OK, maybe I do, but I like pockets and don’t care how wide my hips look.) Then, I found these Curvy Seamed Jeans. The seamed detailing adds a lot visual interest without adding any of the usual bulk of cargo pockets (or knee pads).






Tonal Plated Stretch Belt: Clearly I’m digging the selection over at Torrid, but my obvious bias aside, I liked this belt for the gun metal silver bars. I thought the accent referenced the silver in the Winter Soldier’s mechanical arm as well as the segmented look of the arm.





Triple Buckle Strap Tall Boots: It’s the silver detailing and all the straps that really grabbed my attention with these boots. I liked the military feel, and thought all the belting really mirrors what’s happening in the Winter Soldier’s costume.






Winter Soldier Inspired Canteen Style Cross Body Bag: This bag makes the perfect accessory for this Everyday Cosplay. It clearly references the Winter Soldier’s costume, but if you don’t know what Winter Soldier is, you’d think it was just a cool star-themed design.  With the adjustable strap, and all the interior storage, it’s a great bag to store all the essentials in and wear across the body or over the shoulder.

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