Geek-fabulous Valentines

Leia and Han Valentine

What Do You Mean Valentine’s Day is Next Week?

Yep, that’s right. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And, whether you’ve got a sweetheart or not, it’s always fun to let someone know they’re appreciated. So, why not say thanks (or even, “I love you”) with a geek-fabulous valentine? That’s why I’ve created some new Valentine’s Day card designs for y’all to download and spread some geek love with.  You can find more Valentine’s Day downloads here!

Because Nothing Says, “I Love You” like a Fez and a Bow Tie

Doctor Valentine

Who needs roses when you’ve got fezzes? Just click on the image above to download your Doctor Who inspired Valentines.

If you’re looking for a card to give to a friend, here’s a Doctor Who inspired design just for you!

Friend Valentine

If poetry isn’t your thing, you might like the next card.

Companion Valentine

And, for those of you who like things sweet, I have this card for you.

Make Love, Not War!

I found some delightful photographs of classic Star Wars toys, and I couldn’t resist creating a couple of cards with them. These next cards are for the Star Wars fans.

Leia Valentine

(Silly boy, of course you love her.  She’s a kick ass rebel princess. What more could you possibly want?)

This next design is a bit of a mashup, and a bit snarky too. Do you know where the “lasso the moon” reference is from??

Moon Valentine

Destiny or Density? You decide.

This next is just one of my favorite movie quotes.

Bring On The Invasion!

I also found some fun old school 8-bit graphics of Space Invaders that I felt needed to become a Valentine. 

Want More Valentine’s Day Inspiration?

Be sure to check out my other Valentine’s Day posts for more ideas on movies to watch, more free printable Valentines, and a look at one of my favorite original fabric designs!.

Please, sir. Can I have some more?

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