Geeky Unicorns Have Arrived!

Unicorns with Fezzes in the Clouds

What’s Cuter Than Fat Little Unicorns?

How about fat little unicorns wearing fezzes and bow ties, floating in the clouds? What about fat little unicorns with Police Boxes and hearts? Or, perhaps fat little unicorns sporting their favorite wizarding school colors? It’s a veritable parade of plump, mythical creatures geeking out over Harry Potter and Doctor Who in my new fabric design collection on Spoonflower.

Unicorns on Parade

I started designing this collection while I was up in Omaha for O Comic Con, and I got a bit carried away.

Doctor Fez Unicorn

Here you can see a zipper pouch design I created for one of my favorite Doctors, because bow ties and fezzes are totally cool.

Doctor Scarf Unicorn

Scarves are cool too, and I couldn’t resist adapting my original design for this classic Doctor look.  Who doesn’t want a Jelly Baby?

Sherlock Unicorn

There’s another scarf-wearing character I love, and that’s Sherlock.  I got a little meta with this one, since the background is another fabric design featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s silhouette along with some favorite bits and pieces from the show.

Unicorn Wizard

You’ll notice that a bulk of the Geeky Unicorns collection features some wizarding unicorns. I made this design for another zipper pouch. I’m especially proud of the lightning bolt shaped horn.

Wonder Unicorn

Of course, I felt a need to bring the fat unicorns into the superhero realm.  This Wonder Woman design is just one of many superhero versions. I’ve only got this in a zipper pouch right now, but in my copious amounts of free time I plan on adding to the new Geeky Unicorns collection.

Bat Unicorn

I finally saw the Batman v Superman movie.  It would have been so much better with fat little unicorns in costume.  That’s OK, though.  I can get my unicorn fix with this other zipper pouch design.

Where Can You Find Geeky Unicorn Zip Pouches?

I’ll have these babies for sale at my next convention, Kansas City Comic Con, August 12th – 14th at Bartle Hall.  Of course, you’ll find The Costume Wrangler’s Closet there, but you’ll also find tons of local KC artists and creators, along with other vendors, celebrities, and fun panels.  This is a great convention to go to, especially for first-timers, because it’s smaller and a lot less overwhelming than shows like Planet Comic Con.  You’ll get a lot more one-on-one time with guests, vendors, and artists, and the atmosphere is really fun and family friendly.

Come out to KCCC and find my new Geeky Unicorns for yourselves! In the mean time, you can check them out on Spoonflower.  Don’t forget, you can order your favorite print as an 8″ x 8″ square sample for only $5.  You can make your own zipper pouch with just an 8″ sample, too.  Or, for a few bucks more, you can get a generously sized fat quarter.

Not into fabric, that’s ok too.  You can order all my designs as wrapping paper and wall paper.  The cool thing about the sticky back wallpaper is that you can use it for just about anything, including custom laptop skins and making jewelry.  A 1′ x 2′ sample of sticky-back wallpaper is only $7.50.

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