Is It Too Early For Halloween Stuff?

Halloween canvas tote bag

On The First Week of Halloween . . .

The spookiest of holidays may be 11 weeks away, but I’m ready to start celebrating now.  The weather’s actually pleasant for the moment.  All the kiddos are back in school.  My mother’s teaching again at KUMed.  And, all the Halloween decorations are out at the local craft stores (oh, Micheal’s, why do you do this to me!? Why!!?) Needless to say, Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s the only time of year where you can dress up, get candy, and decorate with color combinations like purple, green, and orange.  YES. So, bring on the glittery skulls, the dead-ish looking things, the eyeball light strings, the cheesecloth ghosts, and every last ghastly pun you can think of.  I’m so ready.  If we have to listen to Christmas crud for months on end, then I’m making up for that suffering with some serious Halloween fun.

Halloween Yoda Cat

Let’s Get This Party Started

To kick things off, I’ve got a whole new ghastly goodies collection in the store, complete with cute and creepy mini-tote hag bags, freakishly adorable lace kitty ears, and brainy pouches even a zombie would love.  I’ll be adding some more fiendish finds soon, so check back.  All the Halloween bags are one-of-a-kind.  So when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Missing out on them will definitely haunt you.

I’ve also got some frightfully adorable boxy bags to give away, so keep a weather eye out on the FB page for more info on that!

Plus, if you’re feeling creepily crafty, why not try making your own Zombie Trick-or-Treat Bag.

Halloween trick or treat bag tutorial


Hungry For More Frightening Fun and Maniacal Mayhem?

Check out more Halloween geek chic goodness on The Costume Wrangler’s Closet. And don’t forget to take a look at the new Halloween Collection!

But Wait . . . !

What would you like to see in The Costume Wrangler’s Closet this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below, or on my FB page!

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