Make A Battle Plan To Survive the Holidays

holiday battle plan

Worried About the Holidays?

What a silly question. Of course the holidays are rife with anxiety, the recent election not withstanding. Well, there’s not much I can do to help y’all survive the impending Trumpacalypse.  However, I can help you rally the troops to soldier on successfully through the holiday season.

It’s true, the holidays can be very stressful. The way I try to handle stress is to be as prepared as possible, and that means making plans.  Lots and lots of plans.  To help you beat back the anxiety that comes with surviving the holidays, I’ve created a collection of free printables that will help you make your own battle plan.

The Calendar of Impending Doom

Did you know there are DOZENS of holidays this time of year.  Forget Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.  There’s Guy Fawkes Night, Krampusnacht, Bodhi Day, and Pancha Ganapati just to name a few. I’ve created a calendar that shows a lot of the different holidays on it just for fun.

holiday calendar

For planning purposes, you can download a blank version of the calendar for November and December. I find it really helpful to look at the big picture first, then get down to sorting out the nitty gritty details.

A monthly calendar is great, but if you’re anything like me you’ll want to plan things down to the minute.  I’ve made a Weekly Calendar Printable as well as a Daily Calendar Printable for you to download too.


Half the Battle

the battle pie chart

Contrary to popular belief, at least in this instance, half the battle is not red or blue lasers.  It’s being prepared! I like to prepare by making lists. Lots and lots of lists.  Here are a few lists I thought of that you will hopefully find helpful.


If you want to keep spending under some control, then planning out a holiday budget is essential. Try this Budget Printable to get you started.

You Have To Get Gifts For HOW MANY People?

Do you ever feel like your gift list just grows by the minute? Between family, friends, and random strangers, it can be daunting to figure out what to get for people. It can be even worse if you forget somebody! That’s why I created this Gift Giving List Printable as a way to keep track of gifts (and the budget). There’s a page for Family, Friends, Coworkers, and Community. I like to add in a Community section so I can plan for any donations or charity drives.

Abandon the Field to All The Crazies on Black Friday

Instead of duking it out for that sort-of cheap piece of manufactured and mass-produced bling, why support your community and small businesses by shopping at locally owned stores? Did you know that near 70% of the money you spend in locally owned businesses STAYS local? That’s money that’s going right back into your neighborhood! Plus, you’re not just support a local business, you’re supporting the PEOPLE who live and work in YOUR community. Your holiday money isn’t going to tax-dodging oompa-loompas, Wall Street, or foreign manufacturers when you shop small and locally owned businesses.  Plus, you’re much more likely to discover gifts that are so unique big box stores won’t have anything like them.

This year, Shop Small on the Saturday after Black Friday.  To help you plan your Shop Small Saturday, I’ve created A Shop Small Saturday Printable, and I’ve included Ugly Glass’s Shop Small Shopping Event on there too.

Holiday Cards

Your Gift Giving List may or may not be longer than the list of folks you plan to send cards to.  Whether sending digital e-cards or traditional snail mail, use this Holiday Card List Printable  to stay on top of things.

Party Like it’s 1999 . . . err whatever.

If you’re even remotely a social butterfly, you’re going to have a lot of holiday events to attend. Between office parties, neighborhood get togethers, and a multitude of family gatherings, it can be a real challenge to keep everything straight. Luckily, I’ve created a Holiday Event Printable that’ll help you keep track of all the details, like when, where, and what to bring (food?? gifts??).

The Other Half of the Battle

shop small this holiday season

If half the battle is being prepared, then the other half is knowledge.  And now you know.  Use all these Free Printables to help get you through the battle ahead. And let me know what you think of them too.

Good luck making this season the happiest of holidays!

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