Sharknado 3: Oh, hell YES!

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Shark Love

It’s nearly upon us: Sharknado 3! And if you know me at all, you know I have a deep, abiding love for cheese-wheaty monster movies. They’re mindless, ridiculous, ridicule-worthy entertainment, and the Sharknado series is no exception.  To help you all get ready for the Sharknado 3 premiere, I’ve rounded up some Shark-tastic crafty, DIY, goodies and links.

Shark Pencil Case Pattern & Tutorial

I keep meaning to make one of these for myself, it’s so darn cute.  I especially like the red lining. Download the tutorial from Patchwork Posse:





Shark Attack Hat Pattern and Tutorial

Here’s another tutorial, this one from the Instructables user pie popper.  I know it’s hotter than the Saharan outside in KC, but this Shark Attack Hat is too fun to pass up. Crank up the AC people!



Paper Shark Party Hat

All right, if you’re not up for a knit cap, how about this fun paper one? You can find a picture tutorial on how to make this fun party hat out of grey construction paper on the Story by ModCloth blog.




DIY Shark Ribbon Hair Clip Tutorial

Perhaps you’d prefer something more subtle, like this cute and easy DIY Shark Ribbon Hair Clip from Jillian on the blog, Entirely Smitten.




DIY Shark Jewelry Tutorial (using Dollar Store plastic shark!)

This DIY Shark Jewlery Tutorial will blow you out of the water (pun totally intended). These three pieces are all made using a dollar store, plastic shark toy. I know what I’m looking for when running errands tomorrow!



Shameless Plug:

Have you checked out my Sharks and Tornados fabric designs, inspired by Sharknado 1 and Sharknado 2? Here are just a couple, but be sure to check out my Spoonflower shop for more of my original fabric designs. Plus, as soon as I’ve seen the third installment of Sharknado cheese-tasticness, I’ll be designing another collection of Sharks and Tornados fabric inspired by the latest film!

Sharks and Tornados Teal Too
Sharks and Tornados Polka Dot Pink



And, find some Sharks and Tornados designs in my Redbubble shop too!

Don’t forget to join me during the premiere of Sharknado 3 this Wedensday, July 22nd, for some live tweeting fun and frivolity! Plus, there’ll be a flash giveaway on my Facebook page on Wednesday too, so don’t miss out!


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