What to Watch on Cheesy Movie Night

Easy Cheese

Break Out The Easy Cheese

Cheesy Movie Night is a sacred tradition, at least in my house. It’s like hosting your own Mystery Science Theater 3000 event in your living room, complete with cheesy snacks, and like-minded cheese-loving friends.

Playing host for this kind of party can be a lot of fun, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort. You need some comfy seating, cheesy snacks, a decent TV, and some ridiculously cheese-wheaty movies.

Building a Cheesy Watchlist

Everyone’s definition of “cheesy” is going to differ. For me, I tend to go with action flicks when I’m in the mood for some grade A sharp cheddar entertainment. In any case, picking a genre for your watch party can make planning it easier.

Here’s a list of 9 of my favorites (in no particular order).

1. Kung Fury


It’s only a half hour long and indescribably ridiculous. No, really. It’s indescribable. I’ll I can say is it’s got time travel, Hitler, Laser Raptors, and Kung Fu.

2. Deep Blue Sea


There are definitely a disproportionate number of shark movies on my list. Deep Blue Sea is definitely a fun watch. The premise behind the story is so absurd I giggle just thinking about it. Scientists have discovered an enzyme in shark brains that can cure Alzheimers.  Instead of getting more sharks to harvest more enzyme (more sharks = more brains), they decide to genetically engineer three sharks with bigger brains (bigger brains = more brains). What can possibly go wrong in this isolated, floating and underwater lab in the middle of the ocean? *Snort*

3. Darkness Falls

Stay in the light! Stay alive! This movie is about 90 minutes of horror movie wannabe. The premise basically comes down to an evil ghost tooth fairy, that’s highly photosensitive and hates being looked at, is out for vengeance. Evil. Ghost. Tooth fairy.  What more do you need to know?

4. Flash


I’m not talking about Barry Allen here. No. This is the best 1980s sci-fi had to offer. The soundtrack alone (done by Queen) makes the movie worth watching. This movie features the villainous Ming the Merciless, a rather young Timothy Dalton, hawk men, a sexy space princess, a slightly mad scientist, and football player turned hero named Flash Gordon.

5. Jaws 3


It’s Jaws at Sea World. Seriously. Jaws.  At Sea World.

6. The Transporter 2

Because you don’t mess with the man’s car. Or his suit.  The props gnome in this movie worked some serious overtime.

7. Lake Placid


Any move that has Betty White feeding whole cows to a giant crocodile is definitely worth watching on a cheesy movie night. Oliver Platt is also particularly delightful in this movie.

8. Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard


Any of the Die Hard movies (except 2 – that one was not even laughably bad) are worth including in a cheesy movie night. I like 4 in particular, though, because McClain takes out a helicopter by launching a police car at it – and that’s only one of the many hijinks of the film.

9. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No


Of course, I had to include Sharknado. 3 is definitely my favorite so far (sharks in space!), though they all prove that if a movie’s bad enough it’ll come back around to being good.

Bonus Suggestions:

There are so many movies that didn’t make the above list. In case you’re looking for a few more ideas to add to your cheesy movie watchlist, here are a couple more of my faves.

Hard Target


This one is so bad it’s good. Picture a high speed chase between a van of bad guys and Jean Claude Van Dam on a motorcycle, where they end up in a deadly game of chicken, and Jean Claude Van Dam rams the motorcycle into the van, flips over the fan, and the van then explodes. This is American cinema at its best (or worst, depending on your point of view).



This 1980s Schwarzenegger action classic has so many continuity errors in it, you can make spotting them a drinking game. It’s also got a very young Alyssa Milano starring as Arnold’s kidnapped daughter.

What About Some of Your Faves?

Have I missed some of your favorites? Let me know what movies you’d include in a cheesy movie night in the comments below.

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